BoxScores Simplifies Life for High School Coaches

BoxScores will end the days of sending your team’s scores and statistics to every media outlet.


A product of Southern California-based Game Night Media, Inc., BoxScores’ free and easy –to-use system will allow coaches to input selected media outlets and team statistics, rosters and schedules.

With high school coaches facing so many issues — budget cuts, understaffing, lack of time, none of the media outlets sharing game information — BoxScores™ allows high schools and sports teams to input their scores and statistics once, then have it sent to any media site that they choose.

“I was part of the problem, we weren’t sharing our scores and statistic information unless others were reading it from our website” adds Robert Henson, CEO/Founder for Game Night Media, Inc.

Life as a coach just got easier. Read more…


All Stars Revolutionize College Athletic Recruiting, Digitally

Los Angeles, Calif. June 18, 2012

Southern California-based Game Night Media, Inc., will be changing the face of high school athletics nationwide with an accessible design built for the players, coaches and the fans.

With All Stars™, high school athletes will be able to create a free athletic profile which they can market to various colleges and universities during their recruitment period. All Stars™ provides this crucial opportunity to athletes so they can easily build a digital recruitment packet for marketing their achievements to potential colleges and universities. Read more…

Ready to Roll, Game Night is Coming Back!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And in Robert Henson’s case, it was no different.

The owner of Game Night took a four-year break from the high school sports online and newspaper publication only to realize that he missed it too much.

“… As soon as I stopped doing it, I missed it, and all the coaches would call me and ask, ‘When is the next paper coming out,’ ”he said. “I still had all the coaches calling me asking me to design game programs for them. It was hard to step away for a short period of time, but I gained a lot of knowledge from the newspaper corporation.” Read more…